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Megan Morton, founder of The School

My perfect weekend

Three Inner West insiders share secret spots and favourite ways to spend Saturday and Sunday

Megan Morton

Founder of The School, which offers craft, design and styling classes in Rosebery.

Friday evening: I have a Sunday night vibe on Friday night, and vice versa. Dinner is usually something that’s been slowly cooking all day and I also love to eat and serve Spanish. I buy my meat from Kingsmore Meats – my neighbours in Rosebery. Then I just add a delicious liquor from Archie Rose Distilling Co and bread from Black Star Pastry, which are also in Rosebery.

Saturday morning: A Saturday in my house is super quiet! We have teenagers and a small six-year-old who we deliberately let stay up super late on Friday night so it’s a relaxed house come the morning. I have recently gone back to stovetop coffee and Joan Armatrading – a hedonistic combination!

Saturday afternoon: Because there is no point in brushing over the truth, I actually work every second weekend at The School. When I go to work I head straight to Three Blue Ducks next to my studios and eat enough breakfast to see me through till the afternoon. If I want to take a quick break, I’ll go and browse in the design store Koskela; we were both the original people to brave it five years ago and start our businesses in Rosebery. I also love visiting Fred International to satisfy my obsession with all things Danish, and the new cooking store called The Red Spoon Company.

“In Rosebery it’s hard to beat a gin and tonic at Archie Rose, followed by pizza by Mario and a scoop of Messina.”

- Megan Morton

Saturday night: I will go to any performance or screening or ballet or play or concert or theatre so I will be sniffing around for tickets if I feel like being in an audience.

Sunday morning: Sunday is no-car day if we can help it. So it's yoga and every other weekend I have a masseuse come to my house and the family has a massage.

Sunday afternoon: We pack lunch and head to Redleaf Beach most weekends as we are a swimming, chillaxing, reading family and here we can all have a nice time together. I am currently working on a new book so I combine lots of trips to nature to get my inspiration flowing to write about the deliberate world.

Sunday night: I try to make Sunday night a going out night so we can all do something when the places aren’t so crowded or sceney. In Rosebery it’s hard to beat a gin and tonic at Archie Rose, followed by pizza by Mario and a scoop of Messina.

Oscar McMahon

Young Henrys brewery co-founder and band member of The Persian Drugs.

Friday evening: As soon as possible on a Friday afternoon it always has to be a nice cold beer. I really like the vibe in the tasting bar of our brewery on Friday evening, so I’ll usually have one or two there before heading home to see my wife. If I’m not playing a gig my wife and I have a real guilty pleasure of having Friday night at home with takeaway and a bottle of red while the rest of the world is out losing their minds.

Saturday morning: Saturday mornings I love just walking around in Newtown. There’s a really lovely community vibe and you’ll never not bump into someone you know.

Saturday afternoon: We will usually be finding some friends in a pub or a bar. My wife and I really enjoy eating out, so this could be a casual meal or a Spritz and some cheese at the Stinking Bishop in Enmore. You’ll probably find us in bars like Mary’s, Earl’s Juke Joint and the Midnight Special, or if it’s a nice day sitting in awesome beer gardens like the Erko, the Courthouse or the Carlyse Castle.

“Saturday mornings I love just walking around in Newtown. There’s a really lovely community vibe and you’ll never not bump into someone you know.”

- Oscar McMahon

Saturday night: It will generally be dinner with friends in someone’s house or backyard or we’ll go to a restaurant. We are also fans of the Dendy Cinema in Newtown. We have a few friends that we do a loose movie club with and the great thing about the Dendy is that they let you take in long-necks of Young Henry’s or bottles of wine.

Sunday morning: I love going for a ride on my motorcycle. It’s exhilarating but you feel completely shut off from the world because you can’t touch your phone. I don’t see my motorcycle as transport per se: I think of it more as relaxation and a luxury.

Sunday afternoon: Quite a few of our friends who work in hospitality get Sundays off so it’s common that a group of us will go somewhere for Sunday lunch. Otherwise we would go food shopping and start making a big dinner, usually something that has to cook all afternoon. I like to think of Sunday as our ‘no should’ day – anything you feel you should do you don’t have to do.

Sunday night: My perfect Sunday night is to be on the couch relatively early and eating good food and watching a movie.

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Young Henrys brewery co-founder Oscar McMahon (left), and owner of Mary’s in Newtown, Jake Smyth (right).

Jake Smyth

Owner of the venues Mary’s in Newtown and The Unicorn in Paddington.

Friday evening: I spend all day every Friday with our three-year-old daughter Luna Wolf, so I get to hang out with her at soccer and ballet and scootering at Sydney Park Scooter World. After an active day I’m ready to relax in the evening, so my wife Ali and I usually have a glass of wine and a play with Luna in the backyard

Saturday morning: Always coffee at 212 Blu on Australia Street in Newtown. In my perfect world that would be followed by a couple of bites to eat at the Continental Deli: Luna loves the food there; she will eat a plate of mortadella all to herself!

Saturday afternoon: I love taking Luna to the movies at the Dendy in Newtown. She is at an age where she can settle in and I love it because I get to be a fat kid and order popcorn, a choc top and a Coca Cola. Then afterwards sometimes we go as a family to get pedicures and manicures at USA Nails on King Street. It’s so much fun choosing your colours; I always go with Big Apple Red, Ali is usually pastels and Luna loves sparkles. If we’re feeling extra indulgent, we might get an ice cream at Cow & The Moon gelato just up the street on Enmore Road.

“Always coffee at 212 Blu on Australia Street in Newtown. In my perfect world that would be followed by a couple of bites to eat at the Continental Deli.”

– Jake Smyth

Saturday night: Ali and I will go out to Gretz for seafood and a glass of wine. We call it “Regrets” because we often have them in the morning because it’s a little too easy to drink there.

Sunday morning: Most Sunday mornings we go to the Marrickville Markets for pony rides. We go with the best of intentions and buy lots of green food but it always ends up yellow in the bottom of the fridge. I love those markets because you get a sense of the seasonality of produce you don’t get at a lot of the other markets.

Sunday afternoon: Is all about jugs of beer and a schnitty at the Courthouse Hotel, then Camperdown Park with dogs and kids in the afternoon is a thing of beauty. Dogs, kids, deros, hipsters; it’s all happening.

Sunday night: In my perfect world I’d give Ali a kiss and then head out to blow off some steam at Mary’s. Wait a minute, that would mean a Monday morning hangover. Maybe not.

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